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A green spring leaf,Shed by its tree,Yellowing into an autumn spirit,Starts it’s journey. Driven by dust,Whooshing with it,Tossed and turned,Traveling miles continuously.Though small infant steps,It breathes every moment,Captures every milestone,Preserves in it’s heart. It admires this beautyOf constant change,But even breaks down,Into darkness,which brings pain. Then the flickering lightsOf the lamp of the future,Allures it… Continue reading THE JOURNEY OF HUMAN SOUL


Shrunken face with dead-like skin,Wailing eyes, but to others, invisible,Chapped lips, sucked out of life,Burning bones, pale and visible.Carved out neck but not elegant,No beauty in stance, breathing corpse,Flesh-ridden body, so pain-stricken,With acute hunger, he warps.Dismantled dignity, he begged for alms,Broken faiths but holding to life,Fighting the last shreds of moments he has,Life or death,… Continue reading HUNGER


Oh, this cage of mine,Deep dark waters that chokes me,Running down my auburn eyes,Maybe, now a little deep blue,With time,With endless streams of pains,I shed every night,Some winter dewdrops on my lilac cheeks,I wipe with rising sunshine.Locked in other’s dreams and desires,I forgot to breathe,I forgot to let myself live,And You,You found me within this… Continue reading RAPUNZEL

हर सुबह धूप नहीं होती मगर सूरज निकलता है

कभी ख़ुशी से आँखें खोले और इस दुनिया को एक बार फिर नयी तरह से देखें। संभव है? क्यूँ नहीं। मगर, फिर आशाओं की बरसात भी तो होनी है। हम भीगेंगे उस में; नहाएँगे; और फिर कल का सोच-सोचकर आज दुखी हो जाएँगे। मुमकिन है हम ज़्यादा सोचे और भूल जाएँ की कल फिर सुबह… Continue reading हर सुबह धूप नहीं होती मगर सूरज निकलता है

The Heart has Wings

The heart has wings;heart is an enormous bird.It flies high into the sky.It touches the sky and stars sometimes,you just have to let it go flying.Heart smiles; chuckles and laughs loudly.If you can, listen to it.

Vividness of thoughts – Being wildly positive and wildly negative

There is a vividness in thoughts when you think about it. This ranges from negatives to wild negatives; from positives to wild positives. If really thinking about which is good or important. Don’t think. There is nothing wrong or right. If you will truly assess all of it you will find there is only positives… Continue reading Vividness of thoughts – Being wildly positive and wildly negative


एक रात बुझी लाशों को याद करें,फिर ख़ुद के होने का हिसाब करें।।

Affectionate diaries of Young-Stupid-Love

Standing along the corridors of high school, A window of higher possibilities was left open for air to surpass, this is where we breathe together for the first time in our lives. A gaze, a long one, so rare to ingest in the wilderness of classes, hurriedness was a main door of St. Xavier’s, but I was calm and collected in the mood of love. There was no silence at all, but I was numb, He toggled to collect himself but in a sudden event we left our hearts there. … Continue reading Affectionate diaries of Young-Stupid-Love

You’re the star to me that shines the brightest…

In my most dreadful moments,Where i lose my way,Darkness engulfs andI don’t even wanna stay,In this cruel world full of lies,Deceit, falseness and charcoal skies,You lighten up my existence,You’re the one I look up to,In instants of self-resistance…What are you?Maybe you’re my Polaris,My own Pole Star,Showing me the way to live, to breathe,To smile through… Continue reading You’re the star to me that shines the brightest…


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