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I’m the parched soul searching my oasis,Amidst the beige-shaded desert,Unaware of the truths and lies of life. Perhaps the elixirs being infront of me,Perhaps I’m blind to warming panacea,Then why I’m the parched soul searching my oasis? Fetch me philtre to sow love in me,Perhaps I’m not for lustful brews,Being unaware of the truths and… Continue reading QUERIDA’S QUEST

To be Dead – To be Loved

The tinder bird and imagination,cruel chimera of inflammable love,the dagger dumbed in muddy lure,and the egotistic-brutish dove.A lunatic-nutcase you,Trying, dying for finding love. Swipe left and right,In the mud and tide.but in your dumb belief,love never will be fine. The world of social traps,With heart, good and black,the rivers of suffocation,with dark and deadly destinations.They’re… Continue reading To be Dead – To be Loved

Life & Quotes

“This epiphany of life, glimpses of past,fills her heart, with laughs and with regrets,the lost age and the squandered life.”

Love & Quotes

“To pray for a sight,A glimpse of love,Living into the eyes,Sharing some rice,Sabre rattling and some fights, Living in for love, and to die.”

You’re loved

Love of two, you came to life,Love of almighty and love of hopes,One love of two individuals, you are. Your hearts is love,you’re the love of your heart.This world loves you,with blessings, careand amenities it has. The trees, the roads,the house,your little room, loves you.The friends, the relatives,the strangers, loves you. The cold winds from… Continue reading You’re loved

In love with me – for me from me

Happening to me,is the love of lone,a love with me,for me from me. Carried away with thoughts,creating a thousand times,deleting it several times. I keep what I like,eliminating the odds,joining the dots,creating it, of my own. Without any fear of losing,Without any hope of getting,Hopelessly and fearlessly,Stepping ahead in love,a love with me,for me from… Continue reading In love with me – for me from me


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