#Poetry #english Poetry

Traveling through,
the different dusks and dawns of life,
in the soft existence of itself,
it echos inside the hard flesh of yours,
listen to it.

the world won’t understand,
what it’s going through,
it lives for you and asks you,
for a established cooperation.

it sees through you,
the creations of world,
and jumps to catch them,
like a moon far but beautiful.

it wants you to feel the same way,
it does, excited for everything around,
sit and listen to it,
the way it does to you.

it doesn’t care for affairs but you,
it wants you to buy some time,
for you, everyday.

it wants you to cry,
laugh and smile,
for the pasts and presents,
once for all,
and begin,
with the wonders within.
just listen to it.

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