The blind eyes of Dhritrashtra,
A born garbage in lion’s den,
Unfortunate CM of Maharashtra,
A dark, stinking brook in disgust,
a man deepens down in chair’s thirst.
an immoral, undemocratic, a shit of lie in cluster,
honks naturally, a pig in a dumpster.

For a man, undeserved of the chair,
We’ve seen the nude dance of betrayal,
the seller of his royal heir first,
and then the powerful vote of the people.
For dark world of which brought fight,
The pandavas, the truth won at the end.
Everyone will clap when your injustice will die.

Then what to expect from the people around,
A mason of lie and the psycho thirst.
For you must try for hide to hide,
You will have a much-awaited fight,
And like a fire which kills the petrol,
You’ll utterly fail.

So, you keep heightening the bars,
the truth will jump out again,
for no matter you keep burying truth,
it will pop out yet again.

For everything has to be weighted,
Here and here, just here.
Keep your craps inside of you,
Don’t spit, don’t stop,
Wait for a time of revaluation,
You’ll be diminished to the ashes,
O’ pig in a dumpster.

Published by

Gautam Kumar

A poet who writes poetry.

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