As we say “Lit Up Literature” we Understand “from where to where we’re moving”. People are busy in there own short term entertainment and Literature lies where it was. We’re just trying to wake you up….


We with our most ridiculous writing, which will be great with time of course, would like to gift you with the best of literature everyday. Don’t know about how our originals are going to be like. But we will bring you the best of literature with outmost honesty and work.

We would like to thank you for your time. we, with my small team of really wonderful people work together with precision and dedication. we do have to work late in the hours so if anything goes wrong with the content, you can write to us here indianbardblog@gmail.com .

Also, we’re open to anyone who would like to join us from anywhere. We learn, we grow only if we come together. “Lit your Literature and just write to us.” Thank You 🙂

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