Stand holding hands of each other; Together we have & can achieve everything

The age of stones has gone, so is the age of fire, rivers, and creating civilizations. The age of inventions, the age of innovations, the age modern ideology is the new culture we live in. Solidarity, compassion, helping each other aren’t the new words for us. We were never alone on this planet and we… Continue reading Stand holding hands of each other; Together we have & can achieve everything

Life -A bucket of water and some colours

A bucket filled with water is life;Colours are the emotions;Shaped in a container – of lies and truths;Sees no one the burdened water of the airhalf-filled to bucket. In the life with colours, lies a link,To the emotional and a deep self.Colours are the emotions – of good and bad,Of bad and worse, beauty and… Continue reading Life -A bucket of water and some colours

Coz that’s NOT true 🚫

You're dumb, you're nothing,You're selfless, little,cute;Don't fall into these words,Coz that's not true. You're new, You're honest,and that's not true. You'll learn, you'll grow,Follow my lead and it will do;Don't listen to them,Coz that's not true. They trap you with these words,-with their sweet little swords;They show you seem smaller,they trash you to the corner;Don't… Continue reading Coz that’s NOT true 🚫

The passionate me and my folly

The gamble that glorifies the time;and the passion felt then by the night;the night sleeps but sleeplessly stands the mind;odour, feel, sight, a strange feeling that burns,brings the flares, glare, heat – a courage to fight thy. A moment of peace –in piecesand a crowd of hesitated thoughts,spread throughout the yard -in our existence. Quailing… Continue reading The passionate me and my folly

Send Some Sweet-Little Hopes Of Coolness

Stop the sun that shine of glory,Send some sweet-little hopes of coolness;The hardness in my heels is painful,Spread some flowers on the way. The stones, the thorns, and the towers of lies,I have these all around – sucking me up.If there is something to say – say it the way it could be,not the way… Continue reading Send Some Sweet-Little Hopes Of Coolness

A love which was & will be here

When there was hatred all-around, Love evolved to be the strongest as light to the darkest hours of the world. It was sung by poets, ornamented in poems, and the magic of words spread all over the humanity. Away from created divisions and subdivision of humanities -different colors to bring one meaning on a canvas.… Continue reading A love which was & will be here

To be Dead – To be Loved

The tinder bird and imagination,cruel chimera of inflammable love,the dagger dumbed in muddy lure,and the egotistic-brutish dove.A lunatic-nutcase you,Trying, dying for finding love. Swipe left and right,In the mud and tide.but in your dumb belief,love never will be fine. The world of social traps,With heart, good and black,the rivers of suffocation,with dark and deadly destinations.They’re… Continue reading To be Dead – To be Loved