ख़ुश्बू, ख़्वाब, ख़बर, या ख़त हो,
कुछ तो रखकर भेज मुसाफ़िर।
अब तक काली रात रही है,
सुबह हुई पट खोल मुसाफ़िर।।

Smell, dream, news, or a letter,
Send something o’ traveler.
It has been a dark night so far,
Open the door it’s morning already.

मन की माया पर मन-मंथन,
मन का चिंतन छोड़ मुसाफ़िर।
राहों में जो बिखर गयी है,
उस ख़ुश्बू को सूँघ मुसाफ़िर।।

Brainstorming on the illusion of the mind,
Let the thoughts of the mind to rest.
What is scattered on your path,
smell that wonderful aroma.

जल से जलना, हवा से मरना,
डर से डरना छोड़ मुसाफ़िर।
तीख़े-ताज़े ज़ख़्म इश्क़ के,
खाकर फिर से झूम मुसाफ़िर।।

Burning with water,
dying of air,
Stop being afraid of fear.
If you get Pungent wounds of love,
just dance for the sake of it, O’ traveler.

मधूर-मधूर और कप्टी बातें,
सुथर-सुथर और करवी बातें,
दोनो में अंतर ना कोई,
तू मन को ना मार इसी में,
जो तेरे मन में लिपटा है,
उस पट्टी कोई खोल मुसाफ़िर ।।

Sweet-sweet but venomous thoughts;
Simple-unornamented noble thoughts;
There is no difference between the two,
You shouldn’t kill your heart for them.
Let your wrapped mind feel free to extend its wings and fly, O’ traveller.

जो चौखट लाँघ परिंदा

जो चौखट लाँघ परिंदा आज यहाँ से जाएगा,
फिर झूठी-जूठी खाने को वापस न आने पाएगा,
समय-समय जो आँखें खोले, मूँद नहीं फिर पाएगा,
गफ़लत में बीती रातों को, वो भूल मिनट में जाएगा,
फिर झूठी-जूठी खाने को वापस न आने पाएगा,
जो चौखट लाँघ परिंदा आज यहाँ से जाएग ।।

The bird, which goes from here today,
will not be able to come back to eat the false-liers.
From time to time, the bird that opens its eyes will not be able to move again.
He will forget the past in a minute, and will not be able to come back to eat the false-liers. The bird, which goes from here today.

क्यूँ रत्न-राख़ सब एक किया ?
क्यूँ जीत को मेरी ख़ाक किया ?
क्यूँ भीड़ में नंगे जिस्म को मेरी,
यूँ चीर-चीर कर साफ़ किया ?
क्यूँ झूठ की भेंट चढ़ा मेरा सर,
ये भेद सब से कह जाएगा,
जो चौखट लाँघ परिंदा आज यहाँ से जाएगा,
फिर झूठी-जूठी खाने को वापस न आने पाएगा ।।

Why did you make all the jewels and dirt be one?
Why did my victory go in vain?
Why was my body ripped-off-naked in the crowd?
Why my head was presented with lies?
This distinction will be told to everyone.

पहरों के पहरेदारों से, डर-दर्द से वो टकरा जाए;
दो पहलू का वो हिस्सा है, ये क़िस्सा किससे बतलाए,
है इस पार, उस पार का भी, फिर भी न आने पाएगा,
जो चौखट लाँघ परिंदा आज यहाँ से जाएगा,
फिर कितनी भी कोशिश कर ले,
वो समय फ़ेर न पाएगा,
फिर झूठी-जूठी खाने को वापस न आने पाएगा ।।

He should be clashed with the guards of the guards,
with fear and pain;
This is a part of two aspects, who should be told this story.
This side belongs to him, even the other side is his, still he will not be able to come, the bird, which goes from here today.
No matter how hard we must try, the time never gets resolved.
The bird will not be able to come back to eat the false-liers

Time and the Wooden box

A pampered box of wood;
scratched, cut, and demolished;
stands in the corner of my heart.
still to be noticed, silenced to be heard.

It holds the memories; raw and baked,
tiny and huge, accomplishments and failures;
from beginning to the end; from young to the old.

The vein in the box holds blood,
the blood and wings made to fly,
but didn’t, couldn’t, and can’t.
time and time, it holds to run; but never it does.

The wood is breaking, and decreasing in self,
trying and trying, but couldn’t find a thing,
when the hope keeps flying;
escapes memories from the torn-hole.

Few but all things will change

Few but all things will change,
after this night of nightmares ends,
the way we looked at the world and now we do,
the death that seems new normal will haunt;
the path we mustn’t have taken,
the dread of death must have been stopped.

The boundary-wall of blood weaving its height
and never looks down,
the sprawling hands of death catching the light:
an eagle who scavenge in town,
Nothing to spare but to kill and drink,
the blood of smiles, and flesh of hopes.

This darkness in lights and everything seems bright,
so bright to see them tomorrow and day after,
the passing days and unbearable tides.

The crushed tomorrow and cursed today,
the night of deaths and moaning days,
a death as dust and a thought embedded:
nothing ever last is and it shall go,
but imprinted on hearts will never fade away.

उन तस्वीरों में कुछ रंग शायद बाक़ी-सा है

उन तस्वीरों में कुछ रंग शायद बाक़ी-सा है,
दिलों पर सिरों का बोझ भी तनिक भाड़ी-सा है,
साँस शब्दों के उलझनों से आज़ाद कहाँ है,
गलियों में कोई मिलनसार कहाँ है,
यादें है, वादें है, कुछ ज़िद्दी इरादे है,
मिट्टी में बनें मिट्टी में सने कुछ ढाँचे है,
कुछ कुचले और कुछ कुचलते हम-तुम है,
बस रगों में कोई पक्का रंग नहीं है,
कुछ है या नहीं कुछ, मगर ख़ाली-सा है,
उन तस्वीरों में कुछ रंग शायद बाक़ी-सा है ।।

Some of the color in those photos is probably left, The burden of the ends on the heart is also a little Where is your breath free from words? Where is someone accommodating in the streets, Memories, promises, some stubborn intentions, Build in clay There are some structures in soil, Some crushes and some crushing you-I, There is no firm color in the veins, Whether it is something or not, but it is empty, Some of the color in those pictures is probably left

Maze of Thoughts | Letter

Dear Friend,

There are times when I think of stars and a time when I couldn’t think about them; absurd thoughts keep coming back and forth. Restlessly, the maze of thoughts keeps haunting us from nowhere. We think of staying in our comfort zones and don’t bother to ask ourselves about dissolving questions of life.

We must not underestimate ourselves for we are the thoughts of ourselves. There is nothing more haunting than the glimpse of future but for something that is uncertain we must not destroy our present. There is nothing useful in uselessness and if there is a way: a ray of hope, which can certainly change the way certain things happen in our lives we may find out the actual cause of mountains of thoughts we keep in our heads. They keep haunting us, in a way or other; and we prefer not to talk about them. Why?? Maybe we think people who pretend to understand us don’t understand a thing of what we say to them.

There is a problem with the problems they follow once they start to follow and if you consider yourself running out of it, it will follow you to your end. There is nothing wrong about staying in your periphery but sometimes, it’s wise to gaze out of it. If you insist on doing what you do best for yourself and will continue to doing it, there is a strong chance of omitting out the primary details that keeps botching you up.

Stay Safe and Smiling.

Love & Regards,
Gautam Kumar.


Highlights : We, the people understand there is a society- of different opinions, of different political concerns, and of different perspective for news. But, if the audiences are driving these news agencies; shame on them, for they are not entitled to do that.

Let me tell you something; something about News Channels: Falsehood and a pile of rumors. When we sit in our houses howling for news on television or on social media, before we could realize, before we start reading it, we are divided by the ideology possessed by the news channels or whatever source we use. Why aren’t we speaking about it? What causes these clusters of falsehood prevail in our society, in our country, in a democracy?

We, the people understand there is a society- of different opinions, of different political concerns, and of different perspective for news. But, if the audiences are driving these news agencies; shame on them, for they are not entitled to do that. That’s completely unethical and irresponsible. It is crystal clear that these news agencies are not doing their jobs. There are news channels promoting a political party, there are others representing others.

When I sit back and listen to all of them one by one. They always drive me crazy, if you look at opinion versus news, you’ll be baffled to know there is no news, and if there is, that is so minimal to be observed. They get covered in “100 News in 10 minutes,” come on! This is the truth.

For Instance, if you observe the occurrence of an event, which was intense and reported exclusively on a channel, as soon as they run on air, they haunch back to their pre-defined motives of exclusion and inclusion. If they support a government, their bus of biasness will take you on board “for the government”, if not, you will be forced to get on. You’re intelligent enough to think if this is a great idea, you skip, then you go to the other, they’re against government, they will tell you everything you can ever think of, obviously against the government. There is nothing staying in the middle, pick your Right Wing or Pick your Left wing. Where is the news? Sorry news was exclusive, No??

Come on, aren’t you registered to a Wing?? so sad! there isn’t any NEWS channel or News agency for you. You’re pathetic, No, they are not. If you don’t have any particular wing how idiotic of you to fly in the search of true Journalism. Journalism is a butcher’s business, they honk, they run for TRPs and you don’t get to analyze their work. On the other hand, they’re honored as the Fourth pillar of democracy, yes, “THE FOURTH PILLAR OF DEMOCRACY.” How did this happen? Yes, it did happen, but “how”, is a matter of investigation, study, and analysis. Who will do the that, obviously, not You and me. I have an open comment section tell me if you know “why should we consider media as our fourth pillar of democracy?”

Now, for some of them, we must expose them, no we can’t expose them. We must not look for news, No we must- it’s our right. We must Not get deviated from the opinions they try to force on to us through falsehood, yes, we can do this, wisely. They’re garbage and pieces of pathetic shits. They underestimate people and their skills. “People watch News to get News.” It’s their basic right. But these channels and their useless scumbags who put themselves and their channels first, pushing their lines of responsibilities to inform and to educate people, they couldn’t care much. I see people sitting in remotest of remote areas, in villages and in cities, so much influenced by these channels that they can’t understand their falsehood, they’re convinced enough to see the truth in the pile of false narrative. This is sad for the future and a curse for the democracy.


The CBI has finally been investigating Sushant Singh Rajput’s case and some people can’t resist it completely. When everyone is concerned about fishy and fuzzy investigation done by Maharashtra Police and the impartial involvement of Maharashtra government some media houses are trying to play their dirty game of journalism and falsehood. When I say dirty games of Journalism, we must not deviate ourselves from the thin lines put in four pages long columns. ‘The Print’ one of the open gutter is trying to defame Biharis and our beloved SSR’s Murder/Suicide case with false evidences which I will discuss as I proceed.

The title which says and I quote “Sushant Singh and the burden of being a ‘Shravan Kumar’ in toxic Bihari Families” which is obviously written as POV (Point of View) section of The Print as an opinion. As she refers to the family (who’s seeking justice for their son, who was murdered or if he did suicide are the matters of Investigation) she writes “The toxic family structure of Cow belt India, especially Bihar and how it treats its precious sons.”

She just explains it, the kind of Bihar her whole life has seen. She is shameless, heartless and most importantly a baseless journalist. She uses words especially Bihar, which is totally based on her crappy illusion of Bihar.

In my opinion, I feel girls like Jyoti Yadav, who are fed on the falsehood, should be treated as a garbage and possible threat to Divide INDIA Movement. She possesses a knowledge of nothingness. She explains her lies based on facts which will astonish all of you who hail themselves or connects himself to writing.

We are responsible in one way or the other. We have to cross-examine our facts several times before writing a fiction or poetry. When it comes to Nonfiction, news report or in simple definition what we call it journalism, the responsibilities are considered to be at its roof.

The facts she included to support her arguments shows her desperate intend to link the argument without caring about the fact. She was so desperate that she translated a song into a wrong way to support the rubbish content she writes. Following are the highlights:

  1. The Use of Netflix series based on a story by Rabindranath Tagore

She explains “how Girlfriend/Wife separates the family from the son” is a thought process every Bihari family possesses. Seriously, you should have watched ALT Balaji, and more Bhojpuri films or in fact songs in your own native language, they also try to sell culture as you do

  1. The wrong attempted Translation of a Bhojpuri Song

She translated “Sajnwa into Family”. Why’s that?? So that she can claim “The man has gone to Kolkata where he has fallen in love with a Bengali woman. The family asks the woman to take gold instead and leave the man.” Hell of a nonsense.

3) The story of Bihari friend who told her he was counselling his mother for she didn’t accept his sister-in-law.

You see the facts, what a terrific research to prove something on a sensitive topic of immense impact. Hence, this rotten egg of her baseless journalism proves “Bihari families can’t stand girlfriends.”  I got to see hails from Haryana, which has a particularly regressive image in honour killings due to existence of Khap Panchayats there. Pathetic means Pathetic people as blind as they can get. Here is a report provided by Oxford research.

Haryana is one of the states where there is very frequent occurrence of the incidents of honour killings. The socio-cultural subsistence of Haryana comprises the patterns of semi- tribal and patriarchal society, i.e. most of the population residing in rural areas and
© 2014 International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences. All rights reserved. Under a creative commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 India License
Deol – Honour Killings in Haryana State, India: A Content Analysis
pursuing agrarian-based occupations; patronage to social traditionalism and cultural conformism in spite of rapid economic and infrastructural development.

4) Because SSR’s sister shared that his brother can never do suicide this makes her dumb head understand that “depression is seen as a defeat in Bihari.” You’re an utter idol of dumbness and idiocy.

5) “Families don’t accept any other version of the son other than the one they create for them. All those people who came out to speak about Sushant’s life hadn’t met him for several years.”

Well someone never taught her sentence transitions are there, where you should/can make sense out of two sentences. Are these sentences make a common sense?? When people are craving for justice you think people only in family is coming together, whole nation is with him.

For some reasons, I don’t believe in media. But, Journalist like Jyoti Yadav and media agency like The Print should eat their shits in their offices. They’re disgrace to this nation. Their falsehood, their misinterpretation of facts, and their biased opinion should be put in the same gutter, where they hell from. This isn’t fair if they exist in our society. They must be barred from doing their dirty jobs beneath the purity of journalism.


Shared, Cared, celebrated,
the moments of fallen days,
nostalgically memorized,
some path traveled with an army of own,
the ruling legends, a family, not at home.
A group of persons,
met in different phases of life,
a stranger at first,
and a friend at the end.
some met at childhood,
some at young
and some will be with me until I die.
They taught and learned,
lessons and chapters,
of life and lies,
the funny, the funky,
bros and sis of mine.
With pros and cons,
with twists and turns,
we burn a lot, we fought a lot
and survived, at the best of all.
we had hard times,
we had best times,
we are growing,
we’ll have more times.
Let’s not thank,
just live along.
If life got a second,
from its end,
Let us ask for, one more friend.

Read complete poem here


Few drops of unattended thoughts,
travel all the way from the clouds of imagination,
not entertaining,
but pertaining to something within,
falls on dry hearts.