Life -A bucket of water and some colours

A bucket filled with water is life;Colours are the emotions;Shaped in a container – of lies and truths;Sees no one the burdened water of the airhalf-filled to bucket. In the life with colours, lies a link,To the emotional and a deep self.Colours are the emotions – of good and bad,Of bad and worse, beauty and… Continue reading Life -A bucket of water and some colours

Coz that’s NOT true 🚫

You're dumb, you're nothing,You're selfless, little,cute;Don't fall into these words,Coz that's not true. You're new, You're honest,and that's not true. You'll learn, you'll grow,Follow my lead and it will do;Don't listen to them,Coz that's not true. They trap you with these words,-with their sweet little swords;They show you seem smaller,they trash you to the corner;Don't… Continue reading Coz that’s NOT true 🚫

The passionate me and my folly

The gamble that glorifies the time;and the passion felt then by the night;the night sleeps but sleeplessly stands the mind;odour, feel, sight, a strange feeling that burns,brings the flares, glare, heat – a courage to fight thy. A moment of peace –in piecesand a crowd of hesitated thoughts,spread throughout the yard -in our existence. Quailing… Continue reading The passionate me and my folly