I'm the parched soul searching my oasis,Amidst the beige-shaded desert,Unaware of the truths and lies of life. Perhaps the elixirs being infront of me,Perhaps I'm blind to warming panacea,Then why I'm the parched soul searching my oasis? Fetch me philtre to sow love in me,Perhaps I'm not for lustful brews,Being unaware of the truths and… Continue reading QUERIDA’S QUEST

Heart Keeps Talking

I sit calmly sometimes; Sometimes violently I shout at myself for not standing for the right thing. Righteousness is a self-belief. Something which is right for/to you, can have contradictory definition for/to others. We don’t want to hurt people but eventually they get hurt. If we stand for ourselves we may not stand for the… Continue reading Heart Keeps Talking