Stand holding hands of each other; Together we have & can achieve everything

The age of stones has gone, so is the age of fire, rivers, and creating civilizations. The age of inventions, the age of innovations, the age modern ideology is the new culture we live in. Solidarity, compassion, helping each other aren’t the new words for us. We were never alone on this planet and we… Continue reading Stand holding hands of each other; Together we have & can achieve everything

Maze of Thoughts | Letter

Dear Friend, There are times when I think of stars and a time when I couldn't think about them; absurd thoughts keep coming back and forth. Restlessly, the maze of thoughts keeps haunting us from nowhere. We think of staying in our comfort zones and don’t bother to ask ourselves about dissolving questions of life.… Continue reading Maze of Thoughts | Letter

A Letter of Happiness

Dear Friend, There is happiness in everything. If you want to find it, it will be difficult as it is everywhere. It is difficult to choose from that bucket of happiness, a happiness which will suit you or which stand right to your expectations, but You will find it finally, I really wish you do.… Continue reading A Letter of Happiness