Maze of Thoughts | Letter

Dear Friend,

There are times when I think of stars and a time when I couldn’t think about them; absurd thoughts keep coming back and forth. Restlessly, the maze of thoughts keeps haunting us from nowhere. We think of staying in our comfort zones and don’t bother to ask ourselves about dissolving questions of life.

We must not underestimate ourselves for we are the thoughts of ourselves. There is nothing more haunting than the glimpse of future but for something that is uncertain we must not destroy our present. There is nothing useful in uselessness and if there is a way: a ray of hope, which can certainly change the way certain things happen in our lives we may find out the actual cause of mountains of thoughts we keep in our heads. They keep haunting us, in a way or other; and we prefer not to talk about them. Why?? Maybe we think people who pretend to understand us don’t understand a thing of what we say to them.

There is a problem with the problems they follow once they start to follow and if you consider yourself running out of it, it will follow you to your end. There is nothing wrong about staying in your periphery but sometimes, it’s wise to gaze out of it. If you insist on doing what you do best for yourself and will continue to doing it, there is a strong chance of omitting out the primary details that keeps botching you up.

Stay Safe and Smiling.

Love & Regards,
Gautam Kumar.

A Letter of Happiness

Dear Friend,

There is happiness in everything. If you want to find it, it will be difficult as it is everywhere. It is difficult to choose from that bucket of happiness, a happiness which will suit you or which stand right to your expectations, but You will find it finally, I really wish you do.

I hope you know your worth in the best way. You will laugh looking at the flowers, you will smile for people you love and for the people you think can love you. There isn’t solace or salvation, there is you reading this and here I am writing it. It is just beautiful to write for you, so please if you can smile for me. I have found my happiness in a expectation that you will smile at this stupidity of mine. That makes me feel my words, which might be the most lovable of all.

How about sitting on the rooftop with some bottles of beer, which will let us tell some sad stories of past. We’ll laugh at the marvellous sad stories and feel ourselves more realized than ever before. But we won’t realize much, as the most we will realize, the more we’ll feel sorry for ourselves.

If it is for you, your sadness must end and find the most close alternative for itself which is happiness, so, take a sip of whatever you have and smile for a smile which will bring happiness to us all.

These days are tough for everyone. Stay Safe.
Love and Regards.