It’s enfolding, the forgotten me,the dead me and the rising me,a prose of love,and some poetries of life. It stretches me out,from the life of hazards,to the life of wonders.Like a lyrics,Written on breaths,It sings inside,to make a charm,Blowing up the faces. It feels the joy,Of creating thoughts,the ink of zeast,Filled to the life,Writing onContinue reading “THE PEN OF CREATIONS”

The thought for life, is a thought of life

A thought, to understand, the life, it’s importance, it’s nurture, making most out of it, getting best out of it. Let it live, in literal sense, Measuring, it’s caliber, it’s capacity, it’s capabilities, it’s wonders, it’s dangers. Life, it’s creation, it’s does and it’s don’t, It’s necessities, it’s requites, It’s purpose, a goal. It’s fractions,Continue reading “The thought for life, is a thought of life”

Until you die, Give it a try

Even if worried, broken, lost or Failed Don’t cry, Until you die, give it a try. Try to sustain, to carry up, in the world, Hold the people, who love you, people, to whom you love. Even if, no one is there, Don’t Cry, Until you die, give it a try. The world will test,Continue reading “Until you die, Give it a try”

Some people can’t see some people

Some people can’t see through fog, Some people can’t see the fog. Some people can’t see the love, Some lovers can’t see some people. Some people can’t see the nature, Some nature can’t see the humans. Some people can’t see the friendship, Some friends can’t see some people. Some people can’t walk in the rain,Continue reading “Some people can’t see some people”

“just keep your hopes awake”

In the cycle of life…We all have a beautiful mind and possibly beautiful face…The way we see this life is merely more important than living it…Just keeping ourselves awake and understanding ‘The world needs to change and you have to be the change”       -which is not important because the importance of lifeContinue reading ““just keep your hopes awake””