Few drops of unattended thoughts,
travel all the way from the clouds of imagination,
not entertaining,
but pertaining to something within,
falls on dry hearts.


The divine ride of my bicycle through hazy humanity,
innocent replica of tomorrow how dim witted!!
slow-thicken and twisted, lullaby of lies we heard,
melody of myths, each passing day subsides.
the goodness, the beauty and the morale of life.
ashes, ashes, all fell down.

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Everyone has a story, some untold, some are weaving.

The pond,
the lake,
and the little lotus,
Everyone has a story,
some untold, some are weaving.

these stories are real,
like us,
but, they never share us,
like we never share ours.

They play,
they love, and they get hurt,
they feel broken and fight for their survival.

A fond Adieu |Poem Excerpts

Trembling with fear of losing him,
she stares the lamp at the corner,
and he stands to leave.

As they walk in silence,
nothing much, but smiles of love,
her eyes beseeches him to stay,
and his charming eyes,
filled with opportunities,
of this blind world,
never cares.

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Poem Excerpts : The drops of fog

Writing on leaves,
the drops of fog
some sublime poetries,
of life & lies,
burning and dying,
true love in the eyes.

Escaping from the arms of clouds,
falling to the surface of grounds,
it cools the heat all around.

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Whimpers in the maze of tough thoughts,
A life with lenity.
A thought of seeking coincidence,
With wondrous epiphany.

A morning that seeks night,
But couldn’t.
A night that seeks dawn,
But couldn’t.

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Top 10 love quotes of All the Time

All selected from Best of the best, Presenting to you, Ten best quotes on Love. Love isn’t a topic but is a feel, to be felt. Let delve into it with Literature and with the romance of words.

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Poem Excerpts : यादें तेरी लाया हूँ ।

राहों के सुखे फूल सही,
मैं तेरे लिए ही लाया हूँ ।

कुछ भूली बिसरी याद वही,
मैं सब चुन चुन कर लाया हूँ ।

बीतें हर साल जो मिनटों -से,
उनकी हर रात को लाया हूँ ।

सावन के झूलों की रस्सियां,
डब्बे में भर कर लाया हूँ ।

नन्हे पावों की तेरी चप्पलें,
मैं बढ़ते क्रम में लाया हूँ ।

तेरे भूले वो दोस्त तेरे,
मैं ढूंढ उन्हें भी लाया हूँ ।

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Poem Excerpts : The drops of Fog

Writing on leaves,
the drops of fog
some sublime poetries,
of life & lies,
burning and dying,
true love in the eyes.

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