The divine ride of my bicycle through hazy humanity,
innocent replica of tomorrow how dim witted!!
slow-thicken and twisted, lullaby of lies we heard,
melody of myths, each passing day subsides.
the goodness, the beauty and the morale of life.
ashes, ashes, all fell down.

Then ticked on the Life’s clock, adult reality,
Full moon brings the darkest night agitated,
for people are bats who sleeps upside down,
they chant of modesty and truth fabricated,
Deadly roses, delicate and sublime,
The moment you see it, the moment you die.
Ashes, Ashes, all fell down.

Truth is the rotten dung in the dumpster,
Honesty is cowardice, love is miserable-lore,
For I know the truth of the selfish bones, I lie.
Assumptions, Beliefs and a relentless dream,
of an ethical, modest and fascinating us,
for you and I, we’re not the priest,
Ashes, Ashes, all fell down.


Before the early birds could sing a love song,
Collecting the monumental lure of her love,
He left her marooned in demise for long.

She, who weighs priceless in heavens,
Awaits in demise, disbelief, and fear.
Pierced into her heart, the brand of love,
Makes the night sob in delusional despair.

Babbling in the air, sorrow and tear.
The herd of bleeding memories,
raising above the clouds,
Wailing, in grief of the dear.

The bruised heart foresees a day,
a day of love which won’t tease,
and the heart will live,
not today but tomorrow
or maybe some other day.

Everyone has a story, some untold, some are weaving.

The pond,
the lake,
and the little lotus,
Everyone has a story,
some untold, some are weaving.

these stories are real,
like us,
but, they never share us,
like we never share ours.

They play,
they love, and they get hurt,
they feel broken and fight for their survival.


The possibilities of the livings drives them forward. With all the heart wrenching predicaments of life, they still breath, they still live it to the fullest…

Only in the glimmer of hopes…..the sparkles of probabilities….the happy ones, the fulfilling ones…All the hardships seems dwarf when the canvas of life projects beautiful prospects of future…

Especially to the ones which struggle to get mouthful of food….the shattered huts and the smelling arenas tell their stories of wrenched life….Still the poor lives…the eyes search for just one flicker of hope….flames of possibilities..

Here’s a piece to magnify this feeling….


Perhaps the armour of the poor
is just a myth…
Endless sufferings
Deep scratches on the soul,
Yes indeed, it’s a rippling lie…
The flashy cards flared up
and the hollow promises,
The deprived eyes
and the questioning faces,
The sunken cheeks
which not blushes pink,
The chapped lips,
Far from being scarlet.
The lost smiles
and the tarnished thoughts,
No cloudy dreams,
In vicious cycle, they’re caught..
Necessities turned into needs
Chirpings into wails,
Knowledge means nothing
And Oh! The ship that never sails..
Or indeed, if I say,
The dreams of newborn,
In these shattered walls,
would end up in dismay…

New Arrivals


“I do love you” |Poem

In midst of life,
In lies of the world,
In my craving thoughts,
I breathe of disguise,
I am not your worthy,
neither trust Worthy,
But I do love you.

For that reason,
Or for many reasons,
I blush at you, or
for silly jokes you have,
I might tell you some day,
Or may not tell you ever,
But I do love you.

There’re flowers I look at,
the same way I see you,
I smile for them,
I don’t touch them,
But I do love them.
The freshness I find in them,
I find in you.
For this reason,
maybe the only reason,
I do love you.

You know even if don’t,
I will continue loving you,
Like i’m standing
in the burning sun,
I feel no sun, but calmness,
For you’re standing,
in front of my eyes.

For the feel, no one does,
But I do.
For life no one have,
But I do.
In the pride of loving you I say,
I do love you.