“Dark shades of lifebringsthe brightest starin you.”- Gautam Kumar

Quote of the day

"In the lost tranquility, I still breath of unanimous trails towards Peace" New Arrivals Big Summer: A Novel Hardcover – May 5, 2020 When We Believed in Mermaids: A Novel Kindle Edition A Long Petal of the Sea: A Novel Camino Winds: The Ultimate Summer Murder Mystery from the Greatest Thriller Writer Alive

Quote of the Day

The glitters of the sun rays,when fall on the soils of existence,magnificent fruits of life procreate"Mansi Singh

One-line Poetry

"Heart whispers through the voices lost in silent winds of solace." "Never heard the Whispers of flowers, the stones remained stones." "In the lost tranquility, i still breath of unanimous trails towards peace." "Writing on leaves, the drops of fog, some poems of life, about smiling and blossoming, love in the eyes." "Written on her… Continue reading One-line Poetry


"When the eyes full of tears stares at you saying "everything is fine."It says what it doesn't mean to say."

A Masterpiece

Sitting besides the blue-ish river of Atlanta,
Staring, the filled sky with grains,
Glittering in the nights.
He beseeches for a masterpiece.

A lone love

Happening to me, is the love of lone, a love with me, for me from me. Carried away with thoughts, creating a thousand times, deleting it several times. I keep what I like, eliminating the odds, joining the dots, creating it, of my own. Without any fear of losing, Without any hope of getting, Hopelessly… Continue reading A lone love

The thought for life, is a thought of life

A thought, to understand, the life, it's importance, it's nurture, making most out of it, getting best out of it. Let it live, in literal sense, Measuring, it's caliber, it's capacity, it's capabilities, it's wonders, it's dangers. Life, it's creation, it's does and it's don't, It's necessities, it's requites, It's purpose, a goal. It's fractions,… Continue reading The thought for life, is a thought of life

A nap in the lap of nature

For the regeneration of life, A nap in the lap of nature, a medicine, a therapy it is. For all of our worries, For a frustrated, an irritated mind, a disturbed soul, and a fast beating heart, A nap in the lap of nature, Is the cure, a medicine, a therapy it is. For a… Continue reading A nap in the lap of nature