She dies, to grope the time, for her beauty and infatuated life. She wants back, her little lilies, Petrichor, her small legs, and the buzzing noises, of flies and butterflies, the chirping birds, and the howling lives. she sits on her chair, for a couple of hours, an old flesh, with dusky clothes, a state… Continue reading Hiraeth

Foregone Life

She never wanted it, Neither his hard shoulders, Nor a gaze of him, Neither that big almiraah, In the corner of that room. She was a child, when she lost everything, the smile, her house beside that pond, her family, and started to dream with hunger, she never stood out of her faded memory. Her… Continue reading Foregone Life

यादें तेरी लाया हूँ

राहों के सुखे फूल सही, मैं तेरे लिए ही लाया हूँ । कुछ भूली बिसरी याद वही, मैं सब चुन चुन कर लाया हूँ । बीतें हर साल जो मिनटों -से, उनकी हर रात को लाया हूँ । सावन के झूलों की रस्सियां, डब्बे में भर कर लाया हूँ । नन्हे पावों की तेरी चप्पलें,… Continue reading यादें तेरी लाया हूँ