Quote of the Day

The glitters of the sun rays,

when fall on the soils of existence,

magnificent fruits of life procreate”

Mansi Singh


“When the eyes full of tears stares at you saying “everything is fine.”
It says what it doesn’t mean to say.”

The Dancers

The life on beats,
Expressive, with elegance,
adorning the lyrics, to an aesthetic life,
they’re chosen from the races,
to carry this, till extend of the world,
the cultures of moves, far ahead of the time.

The flowery Interpretative, Rhetorical acrobatic,
the sensational Breakdance, windy Quicksteps,
the rhythmic Kizomba, the grandiloquent Slowdance,
harmonious contact improvisation, the embellishing Hip-Hop,
these gracious inventions, the daughters of almighty.

the courage holders, the magic holders,
the priests of the wonders,
tells stories, of love, of lust, of thurst,
and desires,
all through their eyes, expressions accomplished,
through faces and limbs.

Sober and languid, Liquid to humans,
make them flow, dance to their dance,
make them fall, fall for love,
love for the art and honor for artists.

the harmony in their moves,
their devotion to the dance,
unparallel to the world, who resides in a slave.