अब कहाँ विकट अँधेरे में

अब कहाँ विकट अँधेरे में, उजाले ढूंढ़ा करते हो । फिर आश बढ़ा उन लासों में, इन्सानियत ढूंढ़ा करते हो । बुनियाद बानी थी फूसों की, महलों को ताका करते हो । फिर आज घने अँधेरे में , राहों को देखा करते हो ।

Paid for Pain

They make them pay, for their dignity, they looted them, and they flunked their dignity.

You’re loved

Love of two, you came to life, Love of almighty and love of hopes, One love of two individuals, you are. Your hearts is love, you're the love of your heart. This world loves you, with blessings, care and amenities it has. The trees, the roads, the house, your little room, loves you. The friends,… Continue reading You’re loved

A lone love

Happening to me, is the love of lone, a love with me, for me from me. Carried away with thoughts, creating a thousand times, deleting it several times. I keep what I like, eliminating the odds, joining the dots, creating it, of my own. Without any fear of losing, Without any hope of getting, Hopelessly… Continue reading A lone love

Unexpressed words

Few words of unexpressed thoughts, Keeps burning, deep inside the hearts, from the realms of vast expressed lands, to the sky of lantern stars in the nights. It fights with people, who never cared, with attire and gestures of unwillingness, When it breaks out, it keeps mum. It sobs with loud voices in silent souls,… Continue reading Unexpressed words

Drops of thoughts

Few drops of unattended thoughts, travel all the way from the clouds of imaginations, not entertaining, but pertaining to something within, falls on dry hearts. It's an amalgamation of a life, creating a covered, preserved and promising way of dealing, with pain and strains of lives. It regenerates lives, boosting energies of dead cells, and… Continue reading Drops of thoughts

The rain of Love

Let it wash, the old memories, the hurts and pain, to blossom again, in the rain of love. A me in me, dying alone, let it soak, the mud again, make me alive, alive again, O', rain of love.


She dies, to grope the time, for her beauty and infatuated life. She wants back, her little lilies, Petrichor, her small legs, and the buzzing noises, of flies and butterflies, the chirping birds, and the howling lives. she sits on her chair, for a couple of hours, an old flesh, with dusky clothes, a state… Continue reading Hiraeth

The prayer to be healed

The valley in the mountains, Let me breathe, I ran a lot, On the ups and down, For the love of others. In the search of cures, I fought, I ran, Now tired. Let me feel these, the sun, the flowers, the birds around, they heal, for sure, my lengthy and broken heart, in pieces… Continue reading The prayer to be healed