A bud plucked by nature lover

The bud was flying,full of desires,of becoming a flower. The joy of growing,revealed everywhere,to the the sun, the airand the changing weather. Some bees helped out,and petals got open.It was his heart,doing cuddling with nature. Before it could breathe,in lap of his mother,It was plucked out,by a nature lover.

The true path of love that changes how we perceive everything and everyone.

An overly populated world, a globe of uncertainties, and a crowd of disgraceful people all-around you. Untrustworthy, Unloving, and Unfaithful. This world isn’t imaginable if we ever try to weed-out these qualities of human beings; for there is nothing that can make us completely disagree. Our world, from north or from south, is ruthless emotionally,… Continue reading The true path of love that changes how we perceive everything and everyone.

Repost: Presence is You

In the glare of little sunshine,In blossoms of pink daffodils,With buckets of happiness,Presence is you. It's youin the first rain to the fists,In the closed eyes of the nights,It's you - Seeking a heart,to console, and to burn it. It's youin the slump of dreams,In the wonders of rains,With the brand of stare.In the rivers… Continue reading Repost: Presence is You