Looking for The Long-Gone Me

In the eyes of blur paths, I see every day;In the midst of you-me, I feel every day;the core of us –dusted, soiled and tanned.We both agreed upon the lights,I see the darkness every day. I wake up in nights and search for it;the clean flesh, the shining bones,and an unaltered soul;when they all seem… Continue reading Looking for The Long-Gone Me


ख़ुश्बू, ख़्वाब, ख़बर, या ख़त हो, कुछ तो रखकर भेज मुसाफ़िर। अब तक काली रात रही है, सुबह हुई पट खोल मुसाफ़िर।। Smell, dream, news, or a letter, Send something o’ traveler. It has been a dark night so far, Open the door it’s morning already.