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Sitting besides the blue-ish river of Atlanta,Staring, the filled sky with grains,Glittering in the nights.He beseeches for a masterpiece. A thought, that can change,his life, before, it ends. Carving, through the muds of soil,he began his journey of life. Some emotions, like an ocean,with devotion, and his imagination,created some wonderful creations. Dolls, to play with,Sculptures,Continue reading “A MASTERPIECE| REPOST”


The divine ride of my bicycle through hazy humanity,innocent replica of tomorrow how dim witted!!slow-thicken and twisted, lullaby of lies we heard,melody of myths, each passing day subsides.the goodness, the beauty and the morale of life.ashes, ashes, all fell down.


It’s enfolding, the forgotten me,the dead me and the rising me,a prose of love,and some poetries of life. It stretches me out,from the life of hazards,to the life of wonders.Like a lyrics,Written on breaths,It sings inside,to make a charm,Blowing up the faces. It feels the joy,Of creating thoughts,the ink of zeast,Filled to the life,Writing onContinue reading “THE PEN OF CREATIONS”

Poem Excerpts : The drops of fog

Writing on leaves,the drops of fogsome sublime poetries,of life & lies,burning and dying,true love in the eyes. Escaping from the arms of clouds,falling to the surface of grounds,it cools the heat all around. Read full poem here >>> The drops of Fog New Arrivals

बड़ा अडिग है

बड़ा अडिग है, भिमकायसीने पर साँप सा भारी,खोने की खाँचों में बैठा,एक ख़ाक  बड़ा अभिमानी,वो सत में एक झूठ सा बैठा,झुठों में सतज्ञानि । आँखों से ओझल रहता है,पर दिमाग़ पर भाड़ी,सभी शब्दों में छिपा है जैसे,तेल पर तैरता पानी । जो कंकर को मोती कर दे,करुणा, प्रेम की छाया,जो हम-तुम को दूषित कर दे,द्वेष,Continue reading “बड़ा अडिग है”

Kasturi | Poem Series | Part 1

Two ends of a sphere,
Me and my Heart.

One lives with me,
one lost
to never found me again.

Caged Bird | Poem | Maya Angelou

A free bird leaps
on the back of the wind
and floats downstream
till the current ends
and dips his wing
in the orange sun rays
and dares to claim the sky.

Poetry | Less Human than Human

We have always been less human than human,
In the glare of pathetic greed, we are leading,
Like never before, or like every Single time.

There isn’t any sign of togetherness,
Good deeds, a better past, or our glory,
If there is, it’s rare, so we share.