Sleepless Sentiments

Sleepless sentiments sound insensitive to this world as I keep gazing at you senselessly.- Gautam Kumar

Looking for The Long-Gone Me

In the eyes of blur paths, I see every day;In the midst of you-me, I feel every day;the core of us –dusted, soiled and tanned.We both agreed upon the lights,I see the darkness every day. I wake up in nights and search for it;the clean flesh, the shining bones,and an unaltered soul;when they all seem… Continue reading Looking for The Long-Gone Me

Vividness of thoughts – Being wildly positive and wildly negative

There is a vividness in thoughts when you think about it. This ranges from negatives to wild negatives; from positives to wild positives. If really thinking about which is good or important. Don’t think. There is nothing wrong or right. If you will truly assess all of it you will find there is only positives… Continue reading Vividness of thoughts – Being wildly positive and wildly negative

Affectionate diaries of Young-Stupid-Love

Standing along the corridors of high school, A window of higher possibilities was left open for air to surpass, this is where we breathe together for the first time in our lives. A gaze, a long one, so rare to ingest in the wilderness of classes, hurriedness was a main door of St. Xavier’s, but I was calm and collected in the mood of love. There was no silence at all, but I was numb, He toggled to collect himself but in a sudden event we left our hearts there.


ख़ुश्बू, ख़्वाब, ख़बर, या ख़त हो, कुछ तो रखकर भेज मुसाफ़िर। अब तक काली रात रही है, सुबह हुई पट खोल मुसाफ़िर।। Smell, dream, news, or a letter, Send something o’ traveler. It has been a dark night so far, Open the door it’s morning already.

जो चौखट लाँघ परिंदा

जो चौखट लाँघ परिंदा आज यहाँ से जाएगा, फिर झूठी-जूठी खाने को वापस न आने पाएगा, समय-समय जो आँखें खोले मूँद नहीं फिर पाएगा,

उन तस्वीरों में कुछ रंग शायद बाक़ी-सा है

उन तस्वीरों में कुछ रंग शायद बाक़ी-सा है, दिलों पर सिरों का बोझ भी तनिक भाड़ी-सा है, साँस शब्दों के उलझनों से आज़ाद कहाँ है, गलियों में कोई मिलनसार कहाँ है,