“Dark shades of life
the brightest star
in you.”

– Gautam Kumar

Kasturi | Poem Series | Part 1

Two ends of a sphere,
Me and my Heart.

One lives with me,
one lost
to never found me again.

When I recall sometimes,
of my heart,
a fragrance of ‘Kasturi’ smells everywhere,
when couldn’t find it,
i sit in solace.

In the night,
when memories sears me apart,
i think of my heart.
A heart which could’ve been here now,
but it isn’t here.

Every thought of lost heart,
which comes
with the thoughts of her,
is like the mild wind of summers,
or, like a shade to me,
for I’ve been burning in the sun,
whole my life.

She wasn’t a part of me,
never she was.
I never loved her,
never did she.
I never asked her,
never she said.


She never left me,
never she did.
she stays in me,
and in my memory,
Like a masterpiece
of the time.

Kasturi – Meaning ‘Musk’ – Ornamentally “Smell rare to find”.

(To be continued…….)

Books in Focus


आग है, इक आग है,
जो दर्द की हुँकार है,
जलते जहाँ ग़म थे कभी,
अब जल रहें इंसान है ।।

न सोंचता कहाँ बढ़ रहा,
क्या कर इंसान है,
बस लालसा की आग में ही,
बन रहा हैवान है ।।

ख्वाबों की झूठी साज़िशों में
बढ़ रही जो तृष्णा है,
ये मेरे मन की तृष्णा है,
ये तेरे मन की तृष्णा है,
ये कैसे मृग की तृष्णा है ।।

A Masterpiece

Sitting besides the blue-ish river of Atlanta,
Staring, the filled sky with grains,
Glittering in the nights.
He beseeches for a masterpiece.

A thought, that can change,
his life, before, it ends.

Carving, through the muds of soil,
he began his journey of life.

Some emotions, like an ocean,
with devotion, and his imagination,
created some wonderful creations.

Dolls, to play with,
Sculptures, to decor with,
Utensils, to cook and eat with.
Love and emotions put into it,
to live with.

Paving ways to the thirst of his creativity,
to accomplish, its starvation,
to achieve its thoughts, of giving life,
life to the cluster of soil and water.

Now scattered, within itself,
asks for relief, in search of something,
a masterpiece,
to mark his name,
in the history of this world.

Never found, was a masterpiece.
Found, was never a masterpiece.
Life squanders, to a limitless,
infinite, search for the pearls.

Never seen but catching,
Attentions of all, calling,
hidden inside,
deep and within,
the structured, boundaries of flesh,
Craving, is a masterpiece.

Words at eve of ’em

Say it, the way it is,
-She said

So… it’s not the way,
It has to be.

“Why” – she questioned,
Why is it not the way, it has to be..?

Like a free waterfall, You are, my sweetheart. I am a stone merely on your way..you’re going to go anyways…

Even if I will try, many ways,

you’ll go anyways.

Either you will think of the world or world will make you think of Me.

Poured Romance will melt like ice and will float on water… I will cry in each piece…

Even if I will, the pieces won’t be One…I will try and I will cry…
But Nothing will be one.

Everything is Physical, Everything logical… But not my Love… It’s pure and illogical.

It breaths in hearts and pumps in vein… It goes everywhere but not in Brain,

But not in the brain…

You have logic, I don’t have…you have love, I don’t have… Even if you’re here… I feel the fear.

Of losing you, it haunts like …

I don’t know… Why this??…

Why this?? …

Let’s find our ways… Individual and independent,

let’s meet somewhere.

Sometimes… Somewhere??

Where Our souls going to meet…

In the paradise! I think.


Beauty would sustain and Romance will flow.

Drops of thoughts

Few drops of unattended thoughts,
travel all the way from the clouds of imaginations,
not entertaining, but pertaining to something within,
falls on dry hearts.

It’s an amalgamation of a life,
creating a covered, preserved and promising way of dealing,
with pain and strains of lives.

It regenerates lives,
boosting energies of dead cells,
and the tradition of sorrows and happiness.

It opens up the eyes, closed with
died thoughts of the unreal world.
It feels, within a life, the chord of life
and the cure to undied deaths.

The thought for life, is a thought of life

A thought,
to understand,
the life,
it’s importance,
it’s nurture,
making most out of it,
getting best out of it.

Let it live, in literal sense,
it’s caliber,
it’s capacity,
it’s capabilities,
it’s wonders,
it’s dangers.

Life, it’s creation,
it’s does and it’s don’t,
It’s necessities,
it’s requites,
It’s purpose,
a goal.

It’s fractions,
Values it should add,
Values it should not,
Peace, it’s mechanism.

The inner selves,
the outer selves,
It’s pain,
it’s griefs,
It’s love,
it’s hates.
the things,
to achieve,
Before it ends.

वो अर्श से लेकर फ़र्श तक, बिखरने वाली मोहब्बत

आजा फिर करें एक बार,
वो एक ड़ोर में बंधे,
पास वाली मोहब्बत ।

बादलों से बरसने की,
ग़ुज़ारिश वाली मोहब्बत ।

चिड़ियों से चहकने की,
ख्वाहिश वाली मोहब्बत ।

वो शाम से ढलने की,
ख़्वाहिसे वाली मोहब्बत ।

वो चाँद से चांदनी की,
पूछने वाली मोहब्बत ।

वो अर्श से लेकर फ़र्श तक,
बिखरने वाली मोहब्बत ।।

A fond adieu

Known to her
Yearning for his love,
her access to love,
He bestowed her
with courage,
To whisper a fond adieu.

He should betake himself
into the world of money and fame,
for food, for home, for prosperity,
he will be residing afar.

Trembling with fear of losing him,
she stares at the lamp at the corner,
and he stands, to leave.

As they walk in silence,
nothing much, but smiles of love,
her eyes beseech him to stay,
and his charming eyes,
filled with opportunities,
of this blind world,
never cares.

Her adorning face faded gradually,
their humble abode was losing its color.
The floral way to journey, and thrones in her part.

She smiled, to wish, a goodbye,
he got into the car,
a wish he may look back
to see her smile,
he left and never looked back.

Love happens of two kinds

One happens and lives in flesh,
Other happens to fit the soul,
Love happens of two kinds.

One generates, to see some lives,
Other happens, with the course of time,
Love happens of two kinds.

One managed to get the needs,
other for ultimate feels.

One leads to deeds and agreements,
Other to fill the souls.

One gets over with running time,
Other but to live beyond.

One loves and dies for hearts,
Other is static and cooked up in minds.

Love happens of two kinds.