Quote of the Day

The glitters of the sun rays,

when fall on the soils of existence,

magnificent fruits of life procreate”

Mansi Singh

The tryst of Love

inside the heart,
asking for help,
stayed in him,
the desires,
the hopes,
a thought,
a thought of coincident.

Vast in the woods,
star crossed,
in the thought of,
of being complete,
in the darkest hours,
the hours of dark thoughts,
her life echoing,
to wait,
till the end,
an end,
till their tryst.

A walk of images,
paving ways,
roads to both,
roads of possibilities,
a life,
beyond their capabilities,
a life,
there always was.

Changing winds,
going through,
with them,
asked them,
asked to follow.

As they followed,
to the unknown,
against their will,
the destiny,
to meet,
to meet at their tryst.

at a dingle,
the flowers,
the wind,
never felt before,
the eyes,
went an espy,
an espy,
of each other,
as a stranger,
so much familiar,
with faded,
outline in memories.

Time urged,
to know,
and to understand,
just don’t let go,
and begin,
what was never started?

the destiny of yours,
stick together,
and never ever,
be apart,
your trust,
tryst of love,
to a never ending,
a never-ending-end.

Words at eve of ’em

Say it, the way it is,
-She said

So… it’s not the way,
It has to be.

“Why” – she questioned,
Why is it not the way, it has to be..?

Like a free waterfall, You are, my sweetheart. I am a stone merely on your way..you’re going to go anyways…

Even if I will try, many ways,

you’ll go anyways.

Either you will think of the world or world will make you think of Me.

Poured Romance will melt like ice and will float on water… I will cry in each piece…

Even if I will, the pieces won’t be One…I will try and I will cry…
But Nothing will be one.

Everything is Physical, Everything logical… But not my Love… It’s pure and illogical.

It breaths in hearts and pumps in vein… It goes everywhere but not in Brain,

But not in the brain…

You have logic, I don’t have…you have love, I don’t have… Even if you’re here… I feel the fear.

Of losing you, it haunts like …

I don’t know… Why this??…

Why this?? …

Let’s find our ways… Individual and independent,

let’s meet somewhere.

Sometimes… Somewhere??

Where Our souls going to meet…

In the paradise! I think.


Beauty would sustain and Romance will flow.

You’re loved

Love of two, you came to life,
Love of almighty and love of hopes,
One love of two individuals, you are.

Your hearts is love,
you’re the love of your heart.
This world loves you,
with blessings, care
and amenities it has.

The trees, the roads,
the house,
your little room, loves you.
The friends, the relatives,
the strangers, loves you.

The cold winds from mountains,
travels to you,
everyday, every second,
to love you.

The icebergs melt itself,
to be a river, a lake or a sea,
to travel you,
they love you.

They say to you, nothing,
they ask you, for nothing,
they just love you,
with the each passing time,
they make you feel,
alive and fortunate,
they want to say,
in the most romantic way,
You need not to worry,
you’re loved.

A lone love

Happening to me,
is the love of lone,
a love with me,
for me from me.

Carried away with thoughts,
creating a thousand times,
deleting it several times.

I keep what I like,
eliminating the odds,
joining the dots,
creating it, of my own.

Without any fear of losing,
Without any hope of getting,
Hopelessly and fearlessly,
Stepping ahead in love,
a love with me,
for me from me.

Some people can’t see some people

Some people can’t see through fog,
Some people can’t see the fog.

Some people can’t see the love,
Some lovers can’t see some people.

Some people can’t see the nature,
Some nature can’t see the humans.

Some people can’t see the friendship,
Some friends can’t see some people.

Some people can’t walk in the rain,
Some people can’t see the rain.

Some people can’t see the pain,
Some pain can’t leave some people.

Some lives can’t see some lives,
Some lives can’t see some lives.


जगह तो बहुत है

जगह तो बहुत है मेरे दिल में,

यहाँ राम भी बस्ते है,

रहमान भी बस्ते है ।।

जगह तो बहुत है मेरे कूचे में,

नमाज़ भी पढ़ लेता हूँ,

पूजा भी कर लेता हूँ ।।

जगह तो बहुत है मेरे शहर में,

मंदिरों की घंटियाँ भी बजा लेता हूँ,

मस्जिदों में सज़दा भी कर लेता हूँ ।।

जगह तो बहुत है मेरे देश में,

दीवाली की मिठाइयाँ भी खा लेता हूँ,

ईंद की सेवैयाँ भी खा लेता हूँ ।।

जगह तो बहुत है इस दुनिया में,

धर्म के नाम पर मिलने वाले से भी मिल लेता हूँ,

धर्म को न मानने वाले से भी मिल लेता हूँ ।।

“just keep your hopes awake”

In the cycle of life…We all have a beautiful mind and possibly beautiful face…The way we see this life is merely more important than living it…Just keeping ourselves awake and understanding ‘The world needs to change and you have to be the change”       -which is not important because the importance of life lies here, where you are reading this.

“just keep your hopes awake”
You are the one who can change this world.
So,”just keep your hopes awake”

It’s never too late to say “sorry” and Apologize,
but let people hide from you and they will return.
So,”just keep your hopes awake”.

The time was never yours,
from now it’s all yours…
Just set your limit to infinity and you will get it.
So,”just keep your hopes awake”.

From now no can hate you because your smiles are more important to them, 
so start giving them the importance and they will give you back.
So,”just keep your hopes awake”.

Someone left you in the midst of life,
you left someone in the midst of life…
Someone will leave you in the midst of life,
you will leave someone in the midst of life.

So,”just keep your hopes awake”.

Say “Good Night” to your friends they won’t reply.
You won’t reply a day.
Don’t think that, they will send “Good Morning” next day.
So,”just keep your hopes awake”.

Life is hell,
we all know and it becomes Awesome with ages,
we all know..cheers, we will become history a day.
So,”just keep your hopes awake”.

Promises to be kept

How about getting a home in an apartment could be interesting…


getting it besides the school, you studied


Getting a house in a flower garden, yes, almost everywhere there are flowers.


Riding a bicycle in a dense forest, where you own a house.

Well, this is not about the house. This is about the promises which are so innocent that makes you Feel, Dream and Live.

One may find it silly as it looks like…Remember

‘Silly things make life more than just interesting’

It is something you search for after getting lots of money and success, maybe for us, it would be a well-settled life.

When I was of three or something. It was an old lady, who was pulling out a bucket full of water from an old well. I remember, I went to her and I told her “Nani, when will become rich, I will get you to tap here, I promise” and she smiled.

Touchwood even today I miss that smile. This is how life goes, no one knows where we are going to get in our lives but that innocent promise needs to be kept.

It’s not the promises that keep you alive but it keeps you alarming that you have something to do and something not to.

Simply getting a house is not something you ask every day. It needs something aesthetic to make it more meaningful to you.

-Getting a room, full of Teddy bears, Just because someone liked teddies and you promised, you will.

-Getting a special place in your wardrobe for earrings, just because someone is having tendencies of collecting it.

-Getting a small pastry stand, So that you can get your best friend the best pastries, he always wanted.

-Getting a room full of toys, so that the children who don’t have toys can come to your place and can play with you in your free time.

-Making a classroom for the non-school going children.

This is what promises that I have given to some friends, some people, I admire.

You might have yours.

How about becoming a director, someone tells you to lift an Oscar and simply you tell them “I promise, I will” and simply, you start working and I believe that’s why I have a little creativity now.

You get it or not. People say it thousands of time “you can’t get that”. You can say “I can’t break my promise to someone, I admire.so I have to do this.

It doesn’t go like fantasies as your fantasies can be self-generated or a total fiction.

But the promises that you give to the people you admire or admired too, are the most valuable ones and posses possibilities…Just keep it.

No matter where they are, they are with you or Not. It doesn’t matter, it’s for your complete self satisfaction.No doubt, it will add value to your success.

Love, Peace, Dream.