Quote of the Day

The glitters of the sun rays,when fall on the soils of existence,magnificent fruits of life procreate"Mansi Singh

The tryst of Love

inside the heart,
asking for help,
stayed in him,
the desires,
the hopes,
a thought,
a thought of coincident.

Words at eve of ’em

Say it, the way it is,
-She said

So... it's not the way,
It has to be.

"Why" - she questioned,
Why is it not the way, it has to be..?

You’re loved

Love of two, you came to life, Love of almighty and love of hopes, One love of two individuals, you are. Your hearts is love, you're the love of your heart. This world loves you, with blessings, care and amenities it has. The trees, the roads, the house, your little room, loves you. The friends,… Continue reading You’re loved

A lone love

Happening to me, is the love of lone, a love with me, for me from me. Carried away with thoughts, creating a thousand times, deleting it several times. I keep what I like, eliminating the odds, joining the dots, creating it, of my own. Without any fear of losing, Without any hope of getting, Hopelessly… Continue reading A lone love

Some people can’t see some people

Some people can't see through fog, Some people can't see the fog. Some people can't see the love, Some lovers can't see some people. Some people can't see the nature, Some nature can't see the humans. Some people can't see the friendship, Some friends can't see some people. Some people can't walk in the rain,… Continue reading Some people can’t see some people

जगह तो बहुत है

जगह तो बहुत है मेरे दिल में, यहाँ राम भी बस्ते है, रहमान भी बस्ते है ।। जगह तो बहुत है मेरे कूचे में, नमाज़ भी पढ़ लेता हूँ, पूजा भी कर लेता हूँ ।। जगह तो बहुत है मेरे शहर में, मंदिरों की घंटियाँ भी बजा लेता हूँ, मस्जिदों में सज़दा भी कर लेता… Continue reading जगह तो बहुत है

“just keep your hopes awake”

In the cycle of life...We all have a beautiful mind and possibly beautiful face...The way we see this life is merely more important than living it...Just keeping ourselves awake and understanding 'The world needs to change and you have to be the change"       -which is not important because the importance of life… Continue reading “just keep your hopes awake”

Promises to be kept

How about getting a home in an apartment could be interesting... or, getting it besides the school, you studied Or Getting a house in a flower garden, yes, almost everywhere there are flowers. Or Riding a bicycle in a dense forest, where you own a house. Well, this is not about the house. This is… Continue reading Promises to be kept