The tryst of Love

inside the heart,
asking for help,
stayed in him,
the desires,
the hopes,
a thought,
a thought of coincident.

Vast in the woods,
star crossed,
in the thought of,
of being complete,
in the darkest hours,
the hours of dark thoughts,
her life echoing,
to wait,
till the end,
an end,
till their tryst.

A walk of images,
paving ways,
roads to both,
roads of possibilities,
a life,
beyond their capabilities,
a life,
there always was.

Changing winds,
going through,
with them,
asked them,
asked to follow.

As they followed,
to the unknown,
against their will,
the destiny,
to meet,
to meet at their tryst.

at a dingle,
the flowers,
the wind,
never felt before,
the eyes,
went an espy,
an espy,
of each other,
as a stranger,
so much familiar,
with faded,
outline in memories.

Time urged,
to know,
and to understand,
just don’t let go,
and begin,
what was never started?

the destiny of yours,
stick together,
and never ever,
be apart,
your trust,
tryst of love,
to a never ending,
a never-ending-end.

महसूस होती है ।।

वो जो इश्क़ में महसूस होती थी,
है कहीं जो जल रही है,
महसूस होती है ।।

अपनी अदालत में खड़ी होकर,
अपनी सजा की गुहार लगाती,
एक तड़प की तपिश भी,
महसूस होती है ।।

मैं के पत्थर तो नहीं शायद,
फूल का महज़ काँटा ही सही,
अपनी ही दिल में अपनी चुभन,
महसूस होती है ।।

रंगों बदन में मंझ रहा हूँ,
फिर भी दर्द से आहत हूँ,
वो एक टूटने का ग़म भी,
महसूस होती है ।।

फिर हम चलेंगे अंगारों पर कैसे,
इन रातों के अंधियारे में,
वो हर तरफ़ की आबोहवा,
जला रही है रात दिन,
महसूस होती है ।।

रिस रहा हूँ हर पहर,
अपने पाने की चाह में,
भिंग के जो तर हो जाऊँगा,
फिर बह चलूँगा राह में,
ये सोचता तो हूँ मगर,
हर सुबह भी रात सी,
महसूस होती है, क्या करूँ ?


Words at eve of ’em

Say it, the way it is,
-She said

So… it’s not the way,
It has to be.

“Why” – she questioned,
Why is it not the way, it has to be..?

Like a free waterfall, You are, my sweetheart. I am a stone merely on your’re going to go anyways…

Even if I will try, many ways,

you’ll go anyways.

Either you will think of the world or world will make you think of Me.

Poured Romance will melt like ice and will float on water… I will cry in each piece…

Even if I will, the pieces won’t be One…I will try and I will cry…
But Nothing will be one.

Everything is Physical, Everything logical… But not my Love… It’s pure and illogical.

It breaths in hearts and pumps in vein… It goes everywhere but not in Brain,

But not in the brain…

You have logic, I don’t have…you have love, I don’t have… Even if you’re here… I feel the fear.

Of losing you, it haunts like …

I don’t know… Why this??…

Why this?? …

Let’s find our ways… Individual and independent,

let’s meet somewhere.

Sometimes… Somewhere??

Where Our souls going to meet…

In the paradise! I think.


Beauty would sustain and Romance will flow.

You’re loved

Love of two, you came to life,
Love of almighty and love of hopes,
One love of two individuals, you are.

Your hearts is love,
you’re the love of your heart.
This world loves you,
with blessings, care
and amenities it has.

The trees, the roads,
the house,
your little room, loves you.
The friends, the relatives,
the strangers, loves you.

The cold winds from mountains,
travels to you,
everyday, every second,
to love you.

The icebergs melt itself,
to be a river, a lake or a sea,
to travel you,
they love you.

They say to you, nothing,
they ask you, for nothing,
they just love you,
with the each passing time,
they make you feel,
alive and fortunate,
they want to say,
in the most romantic way,
You need not to worry,
you’re loved.

A lone love

Happening to me,
is the love of lone,
a love with me,
for me from me.

Carried away with thoughts,
creating a thousand times,
deleting it several times.

I keep what I like,
eliminating the odds,
joining the dots,
creating it, of my own.

Without any fear of losing,
Without any hope of getting,
Hopelessly and fearlessly,
Stepping ahead in love,
a love with me,
for me from me.


He fights with every erroneous situations,
just to stay besides her,
like a stack of rocks besides a river,
to make her flow, without any fear of being lost.

But for her, Sometimes,
it creates a boundary.
He knows its not to stop,
But for her well-being.
She knows it’s for her,
but couldn’t hold for long.

For care which comes with love,
of not losing, someone you love.
But care creates some periphery,
and love disperse out of lacking spaces.


Drops of thoughts

Few drops of unattended thoughts,
travel all the way from the clouds of imaginations,
not entertaining, but pertaining to something within,
falls on dry hearts.

It’s an amalgamation of a life,
creating a covered, preserved and promising way of dealing,
with pain and strains of lives.

It regenerates lives,
boosting energies of dead cells,
and the tradition of sorrows and happiness.

It opens up the eyes, closed with
died thoughts of the unreal world.
It feels, within a life, the chord of life
and the cure to undied deaths.

A Family, not at home

Shared, Cared, celebrated,
the moments of fallen days,
nostalgically memorized,
some path traveled with an army of own,
the ruling legends,
a family, not at home.

A group of persons,
met in different phases of life,
a stranger at first, and a friend at the end.
some met at childhood,
some at young and
some will be with me until I die.

They taught and learned,
lessons and chapters,
of life and lies,
the funny, the funky,
bros and sis of mine.

With pros and cons,
with twists and turns,
we burn a lot, we fought a lot
and survived, at the best of all.
we had hard times,
we had best times,
we are growing,
we’ll have more times.

Let’s not thank,
just live along.
If life got a second,
from its end,
Let us ask for, one more friend.

Together Forever -3

‘When you know, you have nothing to lose, you stop caring and start living’

The life was getting its way to the mountains, the chilled air was blowing at its pace. It was dark, here in the woods, and they decided to stay there for the night. A small resort managed to get a single fluorescent bulb. They had their dinner there and went to their RV.
There was a single worker in the resort and he was the owner itself. It was off season so he went home.

Everything was going well than ever. They were happy, sharing some good times and there was no sign of her sickness, she was getting better over time. After Tanisha had her medicines, Tanisha and Juhi went to sleep.

While they were asleep Arun was still looking at the stars from that window. He knew this was not going stay for long, tears were rolling down from his eyes. He was praying and after sometimes he felt someone by his side. It was Tanisha.

“I don’t know, what to do? Even if I try, I couldn’t save you, and I know it has been difficult for you but I can’t live without you”

She tried to say something but closed her mouth with a force and hugged her, in a while, he could feel her whole weight and she was gone.

He was fridged for some moment, he tried to call some people, but couldn’t get any voice.
The resort was closed down. There was no one there. Arun was still sitting there, beside the windows, hugging her.

He was kissing her on her forehead, several times and went out of the bus, silently. It was dark and some stars were visible, his throat was chocked and only tears were flowing by.

After looking for something, he again went inside the Rv, he saw his life, died at the corner of the window, there was also another small angel sleeping on the bed. He went to both of them and kissed. A helpless father and a helpless lover lost both the battles of life. He was also known to the fact that this was going to happen anyways.

In the next few minutes, he started the RV and this made Juhi comes out of sleep. She went and started analyzing about what has happened. Rv was going at its full speed and reaches the top of the mountain. She went to the cabin where Arun was driving and was asking what was going on. But Arun was just looking forward, tears were flowing and didn’t say a word. She again came to Tanisha and was trying to call a dead body to raise.

After a while, she realized Arun was standing in front of him, and the bus was running at its full speed. Arun came to her and hugged and the RV was flying between the mountains.

A sound of collapse and a family ended.

Together Forever -2

‘When you know the pain of your loved ones, you start living with their pain.’

The sun was shining in the sky. Some rays of light were coming from the windows and her face was shining. Arun was still standing, watching her. His moist eyes can tell you about the journey so far. Filled with helplessness, he was constantly thinking of what can be done. From last few months, he was begging for her life. Doctors, Hakims, Temples, Churches or Mosques, he did everything he could. He wasn’t left with anything. He was thinking and thinking, he even didn’t realize when she woke up.

He was looking constantly at a parallel window outside and she was looking at him. Restlessly, she was just looking at him, while doctors and nurses hurried. She came out of the coma after twelve days, Meanwhile, doctors asked Arun to sit back.

After two hours of their business, doctor Sharma allowed Arun to meet her. He knew he didn’t have to say what the doctor had said. He wanted his expression should not speak either. He washed his face and after putting a smile on his face, he walked inside.

In the small steps, he was traveling long distances of longingness. He remembers, all of her memories with him. When he was covering this small distance of long intervals, she was still looking at him, she knew his pain.

He looked into her eyes,
She knew, the man behind that smile, longing for her life, she can feel the tiredness and within a minute, she collected, and passed a smile, a brave one, to tell him, “everything is fine, honey, and rest will be best.” He knew it all, he put his hands on hers, while sitting on the table beside her bed.

They wanted to express a lot, but the moist eyes began the conversation. She tried to speak something, but couldn’t. He helped her and she said in broken words,
“how’s Juhi ?”

“She is good, doing great in school.”

The conversation then, followed by questions and answer in a mild way. Then, she asked,

“When are we going home.”

As she spoke, the immense dam of emotions broke into tears. He realized his tears when it fell on her hands. She said,

“Don’t worry, I know you, it was difficult to hold, be strong like me, can’t you see, how strong I am”, and smiled. That smile was like a fresh breath, for his suffocating life.

“I don’t know, what’s gonna happen, I just don’t want to die here, take me home or somewhere”.

He knew nothing, even if she is not going to stay with him, he wants her to feel living again. He wanted to give her the best he can. No one can give you life, but moments of life gives you life.

He agreed as he walks out of the room. He knew, what he needs to do. He went to doctor Sharma and asked him what if he would take Tanisha home. The question converted to debate and debate into an argument. The doctor said not to get her out of the hospital but he knew he already has lost it. Losing her again wouldn’t be bearable.

He went to his friend, Mr. Khanna, a reckoned businessman and sold all of his property to him. Some pairs of land, his house, and his cars. In a day, he sold everything he has earned in his life.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, it was emotion, that was rolling inside a small compartment. The daughter and the mother were having a long cute conversation of big to tiny issues. Hughes, kisses, smiles, and laughter were making Tanisha living, after so long. Juhi was at its best again.

In the evening Arun came to the hospital and made the rest of it be complete. They laughed, talked and shared the lost bond again.

Next morning, After asking the doctor, Arun packed all the things to get his family out of that building that has caused enough pain and little relief, for now.

They came out of the hospital with medicines, reports and lots of positivity. Each glare of the sun was felt, the rebirth of hope and the staffs of the hospital was looking them as: ‘how anyone can get out of the hospital, when actually, at this stage of the patient, they are admitted.’

While going towards the cab, Arun went towards a huge RV bus. Their eyes were wide open as Arun exclaimed with joy that they are not going home, having questionable looks, they went inside.

The RV was full of their memories, the photographs, the gifts, some love letters were stickied on the walls, they were from their college, their dolls, and a lucrative interior welcomed them. while Tanisha and Juhi were busy in watching interiors, Arun was ready to go.

Arun, driver of the family was ready to drive his home this time. They started from Delhi to Punjab and drove towards the mountains of Himachal Pradesh.
Every single stop would carry excitement, tea at tea points, Lunches and dinners at Dhabas. They started to cover the mountains now.

A brand new RV was racing across the mountains, carrying two lovebirds and their small little angel.

To be continued.