Time escapes

Time escapes,
but slow for the fastest.

In the arms of heaven,
it never sits,
but keeps running,
a never-ending race.

On the other side,
Keep waiting,
for the right time,
to strike,
for good,
or for fortune.

It never,
Strikes the clock,
the way we want,
the way we wish,
and, we keep waiting.

the better is,
not to sit,
but to run,
faster than time,

but not looking at it.
For what we know,
we can’t stop,
never we can,
so, run faster,
and leave it to rest.

New Arrivals

The clock on the lost wall

Right there,
on the wall of lost time,
sitting is a clock.
Looking through the eyes of time,
everything and everywhere.

There isn’t solace,
but a sadness that keeps getting deeper with time.
If you know and look into it,
you will find it hard to understand.

The petrichor,
the dusky smell of wooden trench,
used long back to make its body.
The rare collection of colors put into it.

Wind in its own acoustic comes to make him feel the lost time,
like a golden memory which cherishes us to laugh and cry at the same time.
It does seem like how the bread of memory pilled with lost time taste.
Maybe there is no other beauty glow like the time.
It keeps the beauty of dusk and dawn,
the sun and moon, the dark and the day, the world and I.