A fond adieu

Known to her
Yearning for his love,
her access to love,
He bestowed her
with courage,
To whisper a fond adieu.

He should betake himself
into the world of money and fame,
for food, for home, for prosperity,
he will be residing afar.

Trembling with fear of losing him,
she stares at the lamp at the corner,
and he stands, to leave.

As they walk in silence,
nothing much, but smiles of love,
her eyes beseech him to stay,
and his charming eyes,
filled with opportunities,
of this blind world,
never cares.

Her adorning face faded gradually,
their humble abode was losing its color.
The floral way to journey, and thrones in her part.

She smiled, to wish, a goodbye,
he got into the car,
a wish he may look back
to see her smile,
he left and never looked back.

Love happens of two kinds

One happens and lives in flesh,
Other happens to fit the soul,
Love happens of two kinds.

One generates, to see some lives,
Other happens, with the course of time,
Love happens of two kinds.

One managed to get the needs,
other for ultimate feels.

One leads to deeds and agreements,
Other to fill the souls.

One gets over with running time,
Other but to live beyond.

One loves and dies for hearts,
Other is static and cooked up in minds.

Love happens of two kinds.

Confluence of Love

The love of yours, To the love of mine,
The affinity of heart-beats, To remain alive.

The eyes of yours, And the eyes of mine,
Enough to see, The world of our selves.

The arm of yours, To the arms of mine,
Enough to reside, For the whole of our lives.

The lip of yours, To the lips of mine,
A completeness, And cheers to the life.

Your trembling soul, To my closeness,
Your bowed eyes, And my yearning life,
Makes it adorn, The coveting soul of mine.