Dissolved Ashes of Love

In my breaths,
the dissolved ashes of your love
are left somewhere,
it raises itself,
and covers me in dust,
when the known wind,
with the smell of yours,

– Gautam Kumar

Flower’s Tantrum

Flowers have the most adorable tantrum of all, they look at you BEAUTEOUSLY, you look at them in anticipation, they make you fall for them, but, once you pluck them to keep them with you, they will start fading, and die, suicide.

Poem Excerpts : The drops of Fog

Writing on leaves,
the drops of fog
some sublime poetries,
of life & lies,
burning and dying,
true love in the eyes.

Read the full poem ‘The Drops of fog’ here.

One-line Poetry

“Heart whispers through the voices lost in silent winds of solace.”

“Never heard the Whispers of flowers, the stones remained stones.”

“In the lost tranquility, i still breath of unanimous trails towards peace.”

“Writing on leaves, the drops of fog, some poems of life, about smiling and blossoming, love in the eyes.”

“Written on her face, stories of her heart, can’t be heard but understood.”