Vividness of thoughts – Being wildly positive and wildly negative

There is a vividness in thoughts when you think about it. This ranges from negatives to wild negatives; from positives to wild positives. If really thinking about which is good or important. Don’t think. There is nothing wrong or right. If you will truly assess all of it you will find there is only positives… Continue reading Vividness of thoughts – Being wildly positive and wildly negative

Maze of Thoughts | Letter

Dear Friend, There are times when I think of stars and a time when I couldn't think about them; absurd thoughts keep coming back and forth. Restlessly, the maze of thoughts keeps haunting us from nowhere. We think of staying in our comfort zones and don’t bother to ask ourselves about dissolving questions of life.… Continue reading Maze of Thoughts | Letter

Words at eve of ’em

Say it, the way it is,
-She said

So... it's not the way,
It has to be.

"Why" - she questioned,
Why is it not the way, it has to be..?

You’re loved

Love of two, you came to life, Love of almighty and love of hopes, One love of two individuals, you are. Your hearts is love, you're the love of your heart. This world loves you, with blessings, care and amenities it has. The trees, the roads, the house, your little room, loves you. The friends,… Continue reading You’re loved

The thought for life, is a thought of life

A thought, to understand, the life, it's importance, it's nurture, making most out of it, getting best out of it. Let it live, in literal sense, Measuring, it's caliber, it's capacity, it's capabilities, it's wonders, it's dangers. Life, it's creation, it's does and it's don't, It's necessities, it's requites, It's purpose, a goal. It's fractions,… Continue reading The thought for life, is a thought of life


She dies, to grope the time, for her beauty and infatuated life. She wants back, her little lilies, Petrichor, her small legs, and the buzzing noises, of flies and butterflies, the chirping birds, and the howling lives. she sits on her chair, for a couple of hours, an old flesh, with dusky clothes, a state… Continue reading Hiraeth

The Dancers

The life on beats, Expressive, with elegance, adorning the lyrics, to an aesthetic life, they're chosen from the races, to carry this, till extend of the world, the cultures of moves, far ahead of the time. The flowery Interpretative, Rhetorical acrobatic, the sensational Breakdance, windy Quicksteps, the rhythmic Kizomba, the grandiloquent Slowdance, harmonious contact improvisation,… Continue reading The Dancers


एक सोच क़हर है ढाने को, एक सोच है जीवन पाने को, लड़ना हर बात पर सोच है, एक सोच है प्यार फैलाने को । पत्थर की मूरत सोच है, मूरत, एक पत्थर, सोच । है सोच के अब तू हार गया, एक सोच है हारा पाने को ।। दिन का होना एक सोच है,… Continue reading सोच

Some people can’t see some people

Some people can't see through fog, Some people can't see the fog. Some people can't see the love, Some lovers can't see some people. Some people can't see the nature, Some nature can't see the humans. Some people can't see the friendship, Some friends can't see some people. Some people can't walk in the rain,… Continue reading Some people can’t see some people

Foregone Life

She never wanted it, Neither his hard shoulders, Nor a gaze of him, Neither that big almiraah, In the corner of that room. She was a child, when she lost everything, the smile, her house beside that pond, her family, and started to dream with hunger, she never stood out of her faded memory. Her… Continue reading Foregone Life