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Carry this flesh to the end of everything, I want to see the beginning of its soul”

-THe Indian Bard

Traveling through the different
dusks and dawns of life,
in the soft existence of itself,
it echos inside the hard flesh of yours,
listen to it.

“It’s the rage of a constant beating heart, which returns the gaze of two, the desperate winds of solace.”

-The Indian bard

Sitting besides the blue-ish river of Atlanta,
the filled sky with grains,
Glittering in the nights.
He beseeches for a masterpiece.
Some emotions, like an ocean,
with devotion, and his imagination,
created some wonderful creations.

It’s unfolding, the forgotten me,
the dead me and the rising me,
a prose of love,
and some poetries of life.

– The Indian Bard

These mountains,
a solid architecture,
a life with the green canvas, all over it,
like a bold green flesh, raised by the sun,
the summers, winters and spring passing,
it stays still, never complaining, about anything.

-THe Indian Bard

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The glitters of the sun rays, when fall on the soils of existence, magnificent fruits of life procreate” Mansi Singh

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